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Djambass Music invites various other musicians, singers and dancers for performances and workshops:

Omar Joof from The Gambia and Sweden; Sekou Keita from Cassamance, South Senegal; Thomas Christen Germany; John Styles England; Polita and Modacha Equatorial Guinea; Isa Sawane Guinea Konackry, and others. Artistes are also available for solo gigs, classes and session music.

West African music, traditional instruments, plus saxophones, congas, dance, song and ethnic diversity bring outstanding high-energy extavaganzas to audiences everywhere.

Bucarr portrait w mic
Bucarr Ndow

Bucarr is from the Gambia, West Africa. He started playing music at the age of 9, focusing on Wolof music. He later became lead drummer and soloist with the famous Roots Manding Band in The Gambia. He came to the UK in 1990 playing in various bands, as well as community and education projects, and touring the UK, Europe and further afield with The Master Drummers of Africa, including the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. In 2000 Bucarr gathered other musicians to form the Band Yiri Baa to bring his favourite West African High-Life rhythms and songs to British audiences.

Yiri Baa

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