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Holidays in the Gambia


One of our teachers Zittor, as a Barribagass

One of our teachers Zittor


Serekunda Market
Serekunda Market


There are European style supermarkets for your needs though there may not be the variety or range.

If you prefer a more active time you will always find people for football on the beach, horse riding, quad biking or even camel treks.

Stroke a crocodile !!

Stroke a crocodile !!

Sightseeing really has to include the Sacred Crocodile Pool at Katchikali, in the fascinating town of Bakau, near the beautiful beaches. Under the friendly, watchful eyes of the guides you can safely stroke Crocodile Charlie !!

The Gambia is famous for its fine variety of local and international birds, being on the north south migration flight path. The Gambia is a favourite destination for bird watchers worldwide.

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