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Djambass Music runs regular workshops and classes; the musicians are experienced facilitators and teachers. We can also design classes, drum circles and dance workshops for schools, clubs, individual and corporate sessions.

Drumming workshops are great fun, and well recognised as tools for team-building and communication skills, often bringing people together in their first heart-warming experience of playing music in a divergent group, all focusing on the rhythms of Africa.

Bucarr Ndow runs weekly workshops - Saturdays 7 9pm - In central Brighton - Call 07729 883601


Bucarr Ndow  runs weekly workshops

Fern Camara runs weekly workshops for women

Beginners and improvers Thursdays 7 8.30pm

Intermediate/Advanced Saturdays 10.30am 12.30 In central Brighton - Call 01273 607238

Fern's advanced group has evolved into a performing troupe The Djembe Divas , appearing at local events, festivals, street parties etc.

For more information, or if you would like The Djembe Divas to perform at your event e-mail us

The Djembe Divas poster

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